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Die Young will be screened @ Oberhausen Film Festival

My film DIe Young will be screened at 4-5 May@ Oberhausen Film Festival,i ll present my film in person@Open Air Screening.

Thumbs Up!Stills from Die Young,check the Photos section for more!


Vangelio Andreadaki staring the MuM


  Rania Kapetanaki staring the Grrrll



DIe Young officialy selected

DIe Young officialy selected by 18th International Short Film Festival of Drama

Presentation of Die Young by

Presentation of Die Young by (only in Greek)

Evolving again!

My script "In Trance" is finished and is already in pre-production.A black houmor short film comedy inspired from Franz Kafkas' book " The Transformation".

Lets make some noise...

Shootings for my last short film "DIE YOUNG" has finished.Now im working on post-production.Many thanks to the people who help,donate and support me.You are the best!

Trailer Coming soon!

Stratis Ch.

For the right to die

Futuristic Short Fiction by Syni Pappa 

"As soon as the terrors of life outweigh the terrors of death a man will put an end to his life." 
Arthur Schopenhauer

In the dystopic city of Athens people kill themselves in every possible way, 
while suicide is illegal. 

Whack is a short film that takes place in a dystopic Athenean cityscape of the near future. At the year of 2027 suicide, the city's trend of despair for years, becomes illegal. The state defines it as a horrible crime and people who get caught trying to commit are being imprisoned, sent for life in breeding camps. 

The camera follows a twenty four hour quest ,from dawn to dawn, around a highly guarded dystopic cityscape. 
We meet our heroes on their final or what they wished to be their final moments. 

WHACK "For The Right To Die". to add text, images, and other content

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