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DIE YOUNG short film

Stratis Chatzielenoudas,Vangelis Fakinos,Grigoris Karydis and EKSOProductios present a Stratis Chatzielenoudas short film "Die Young",written and based on a true story by filmmaker Syni Pappa.

The Story

Battle of the generations.

Who is winning?

Athens,2012,Industrious blocks.

A 17-year old girl is dreaming.

To raise the child she is carrying.

With the one she loves.

In another country.

A film about dreams.

If you stop dreaming you watch your life pass by!


Based on true events.ispired and written by Syni Pappa.


DIrector 's  Statement about the film

Athens 2012.The city where legends are born and dreams are destroyed.The financial crisis is leading to degenaration of society but we don't realize that the person next to us is the only one who can help us.The society is being restricted to itself.Suicides,murderous racist attacks and family dramas.Unfortunately,the phrase "the man is wolf to man" has become reality.Psychological boundaries are broken and extreme situations of social cannibalism are being produced.The film tries to explore the delicate psychological limitations in a difficult social condition.Hell is not the others , but our own self.

Stratis Chatzielenoudas




Die Young stills

 Rania Kapetanaki

Rania Kapetanaki and Haris Fragkoulis

Vangelio Andreadaki

Die Young officialy selected by 18th International Short film festival of Drama(Greece).

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World Premiere for "Die Young"

Die Young will make world premiere at 18th International Short film festival of Drama(Greece).

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